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Corrvin [userpic]
I need to clean my mirror.
by Corrvin (cornute)
at November 18th, 2006 (06:28 pm)

The white spots are actually on the mirror. *sigh* I learned how to steek from Eunny's steeking tutorial using single crochet; you can see the red seamline down the side seam of the sweater if you look closely. (It's the dark red that's consistent all the way down.)

I'll be starting the sleeves tonight, I think, and weaving in ends.

ETA: Also, I fail at color adjustment (the blanket background on the flat pics is navy blue) but I've added some close-up pics of the steek from the inside and outside.

full-size image here

the sweater, flat

the steek from the outside

the steek from the inside-- two rows of single crochet.

I learned to do this from See Eunny Knit!.