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Corrvin [userpic]
by Corrvin (cornute)
at January 23rd, 2007 (02:39 pm)

This week's hats:

This one is some yarn called, I think, Olive (the label is part-covered by the price) from Vergnasco, Italy. The line is called Autunno and it's 100% wool, very soft, and variegated from green to red with black/brown all in one ply. I made it without using any DPNs or magic loop or anything.

Pattern: Cast on 96 stitches on a circular size 10 needle with a 20" cord. Do NOT join. Purl all 96, placing markers every 16 stitches.
Work in stockinette. On every KNIT row, K2tog the first stitch and once after each marker. On every PURL row, P2tog the stitches BEFORE each marker and the last stitch of the row. This will create a diagonal line of decreases at each marker.

When you are down to 12 stitches total, pull the markers out as you decrease to 6 stitches total, then cast off, run the yarn through all 6 stitches, and leave a long tail. You'll use this tail to join your work together into a flat hexagon. By the way, this sure would have been easier if you'd used a provisional cast on, so you wouldn't have to pick up stitches.

Pick up stitches around the edge of the hexagon, 96 more or less. Begin knitting stockinette until 20 rows, then increase/decrease to some number of stitches divisible by 4 and work K2P2 ribbing until you have THREE AND A HALF yards of yarn left. Then stop and bind off. (You will honestly need all that yarn to bind off. Do not short yourself. I learned this the hard way.)

Hat made from scraps of Knitpicks' Wool of the Andes, various colors.

Two-color pattern goes as follows:

1 1 1 1 1
. 1 1 1 .
. . 1 . .
. . . . .
. . 0 . .
. 0 0 0 .
0 0 0 0 0

This pattern repeats 19 times around the circumference of the hat. The hat is 20 rows tall plus a 3x2 ribbed border.

At this point, you will realize that 19 x 5 = 95, not 96, so make another stitch to make 96, place markers every 16 stitches, and begin the decreases for the crown. Switch colors to make stripes on your way around. Finish with three tiny balls of yarn left over smaller than ping-pong balls.

ETA: yes, that's our snow in the background. Woo, woo.


Posted by: Coco (taurusbombshell)
Posted at: January 23rd, 2007 10:48 pm (UTC)

Cute hats! I also really like your hair in the pics.